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Log into Conquest City using Facebook.

Logging in with Facebook is easy, safe, and allows us to reduce the amount of inappropriate content we'd get by allowing anonymous users. Learn more in the FAQ.

You can click the Login link in the upper right of any page on the site or login now.
Visual learner?

Check out other users' conquests and then conquer a listing yourself.

On Conquest City you can browse or search for the places you care about. We use foursquare's humongous place database, so all the places you love or hate should be here.

Use the Choose A City drop-down in the top navigation bar to find the city closest to you, or just let us do the legwork:

Then browse or search and find a place to conquer. When you conquer a listing, you take over the entire right-hand side of the listing page. You supply a headline and description and can embed content from across the web, like images, videos or news articles. Then, everyone who visits this listing page will see your conquest content, until that listing is conquered by someone else.

Find a place that hasn't been conquered yet and it's yours for free!
Share your conquest or another you've found.

Sharing is easy on Conquest City. Every listing page has Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest buttons at the top. Just go ahead and click one of those to add your own comments and share the listing on your network on choice.

Share your conquests or another that's cool, funny, or just needs to be shared.