Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conquest City?
Conquest City is a space that lets users take over real-world locations for nominal cost. Once you conquer a location, you control everything about its page. Visit the About page to learn much more.

Who built Conquest City?
Conquest City was built by Chet and Jon of Wickfire.

What does it mean to conquer a listing?
When you conquer a listing, you take over the entire right-hand side of the listing page. You supply a headline and description and can embed content from across the web, like images, videos or news articles. Then, everyone who visits this listing page will see your conquest content, until that listing is conquered by someone else.

Who can conquer a listing?
Listings can be conquered by individuals or businesses. Conquest City is open to any entity with a Facebook account and aims to be the transparent and painless.

Can I edit my conquests after I create them?
Definitely. During creation, you can preview your conquest until you are happy with it, and you can always come back later and edit your conquest while you still own the space.

How do I share conquests created by me or others?
Just click on the Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest button at the top of any listing page to bring up a small window where you can customize your content before sharing. Feel strongly about a business? Be sure to share your conquest with all your friends.

What can I embed in my conquest?
You have a lot of options! We use to allow you to embed content from over 200 providers. Try a video from YouTube, xtranormal, Hulu or any of the other 50 video providers. Or try an image from Flickr, Instagram, Facebook or any of the other 40 photo providers. Or let us embed a tweet from Twitter, an article from Wikipedia, a story from Storify, a presentation from SlideShare or even a post from Tumblr. Or just throw in any old url and let us try to extract the relevant content. If we can't extract the content for whatever reason, we'll throw in a plain hyperlink. Just copy and paste the URL in your browser's address bar when you're viewing whatever content it is you want to embed.

Is Conquest City free?
Conquest City is free for a user to visit and see all the cool, crazy, and informative conquests. To conquer a listing yourself, you'll need to pay.

How does Conquest City price conquests?
The first to conquer a specific listing pays $1. The second pays $2. The third pays $3. And so on. You can pay using Paypal. We aim to make the process of conquering transparent and easy.

How long does my conquest last?
Your conquest lasts until someone else conquers it. If you paid $1 to conquer the listing, it's yours until someone else is willing to pay $2. This could be any length of time, from 5 minutes to 5 years.

What is Unconquered Territory?
Unconquered Territory is a listing that has not yet been conquered by anyone. Be the first to own this space!

Where does Conquest City get its listing data?
All of Conquest City's listing data comes from foursquare. They rock.

Why Login with Facebook and Facebook comments?
Conquest City requires users to login and comment using Facebook. Almost everyone has a Facebook account, and it's really easy to create one if you don't. By tying user activity and comments on Conquest City to Facebook, we also reduce the amount of inappropriate content we'd get by allowing anonymous users. Conquest City only requests basic info from Facebook and respects your privacy. Learn more about application permissions at Facebook.

What kind of content is not OK?
Don't post anything you'd be ashamed of your mom seeing. Check out our Guidelines and Terms of Service.

How do I report violations of the Conquest City terms or guidelines?
Conquest City is a Wickfire Product. Contact us here.

The listing data is wrong for my business. How do I correct it?
All of our listing data comes from foursquare. Check out their foursquare for Business site to learn how to claim your listing, etc.