About Conquest City

Conquest City lets visitors conquer listings for real-world locations for nominal cost. By conquering a listing, you control the content that appears alongside that venue's base information. You can write whatever you want, link to wherever you want, and embed content like images and video. Whether you love or loathe a place, compose your conquest to tell the world how you really feel.

A listing can be conquered by anyone with a dollar and a Facebook account. This means that both individuals and businesses can have their say. Is this the bar where you met your beloved? Let everyone know and let them share in your joy. Is this the place where your date ran off with the bartender? Warn others before it's too late. Or maybe you're the proprietor of the bar down the street? Tell us how you're better and maybe offer a beer on the house. Whatever your reason, once you conquer the place it's yours. Change it as often as you want, until someone else decides they are willing to pay more for the same privilege.

Because we use foursquare as the source of our listings, you can conquer cities, local businesses, monster chains, parks, airports and even treehouses. Conquer as big or as small a place as you'd like. (You can even add places to foursquare's database and have them automatically show up here. Shh, don't tell.)

Questions? Check out the FAQ.