Don't Just Review. Conquer!
Conquer a place and enjoy the spoils, controlling everything about its page.
Create and share conquests to let the world know how you really feel.

Conquest City is a space that lets users take over real-world locations for nominal cost. Once you conquer a location, you can control everything about its page. Half billboard, half review site, Conquest City seeks to offer the most transparent and painless advertising opportunity online.

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What's Hot

The Baowry
8307 N Ivanhoe St.
Portland, OR
Umbrella Pet Services
9 Niagara St
Toronto, ON
Bonanza Indoor Swapmeet
1720 E Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV
Sunlife stadium
Hollywood, FL
Section 422
1 E 161st Street
New York, New York
Soldier Field
1410 S Museum Campus Dr
Chicago, IL
Lucas Oil Stadium
500 S Capitol Ave
Indianapolis, IN
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